Why blockchain?

  1. It is tsunami of decentralization started way back in 2008. Big corporations Amazon, Google, IBM are all slowly converting to this new reality.
  2. Peer to peer networks are curing the pains of disorganized supply chains & costly money transfers.
  3. Transactions are publicly viewable in blockchain , it makes businesses more transparent & reduce dependency on centralized gate keepers. That smooth information access should make decision making smooth for both consumers & management.
  4. Smart contracts would eliminate need for middle man & complex legal protocols.
  5. Businesses which heavily depend upon supply chain can easily find the origin of item as it is embedded in the history of that item on blockchain.
  6. Fat management could breath in free air due to automated process of blockchain. Ultimately it will reduce the need for complex management structure.
  7. No more lagging payments & third party processes. Payment process will become smoother & scalable without investing in heavy technologies.
  8. Data is free from manipulation & hacking across blockchain due to it’s trustless & immutable nature.
  9. Elimination of middle man , human errors. All leads to single thing speed & efficiency.



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